The Press

Like most writers, I started out envisioning myself as a freelancer. What could be better? Flexible hours, getting paid to do what I love–living the dream! But as I become involved in the freelancing scene, I began to see the same requests over and over: “I’m writing a book/chapbook and need editing advice!” or “Help! I’m trying to promote my blog/writing/literary journal and I have no idea where to start!”

While most people are motivated/excited to jump into the writing part of their creative project, the technical aspects (editing, revision, publishing, marketing, etc.) can feel…unexciting.

Indy Girl Press is about providing writing, editing, content creation, and social media marketing solutions for freelancers, poets, writers, literary organizations, and small presses. On the blog, you’ll find weekly doses of how to manage your own writing and marketing flow. You can even sign up to receive content and updates directly to your inbox.

Or if you’re looking for something more in-depth and hands-on, check out the consultation and courses pages. I offer free consultations that identify your writing and marketing needs for long-term solutions. Together, we build a plan at a price that works for you. 

What’s stopping you? Check things out and find the solution to your writing and marketing needs. Write. Edit. Coffee. Repeat. IGP_Coffee_Stain